• Delicious Blueberry Muffins

    Adding Balsamic to muffins might feel odd, however, you'll find that the thick and sweet balsamic enhances the texture in an impressive way yielding a muffin that doesn't dry out so quickly. Enjoy!
  • Truffled Butternut Squach Trottole & Cheese

    Melty, robust, and vegetarian! This makes a delicous meal filled with class.
  • Honey Ginger Balsamic Stir Fry

    Delicious, easy, and a fun use of balsamic vinegar. This is a favourite for good reason.
  • Rosemary Irish Soda Bread

    Irish Soda Bread Italian soda bread is easy, yummy, and even better with the addition of our Rosemary Olive Oil. During these tricky and wacky times, a lot of us have been getting back to bread making and learning to work with our hands to make food. Its good for the head, heart, and stomach! Irish soda bread is an interesting bread to make, as it requires no yeast but plenty of flour. While it is traditionally eaten without a lot of herbaceous flavour added the rosemary makes a lovely addition.