About Balsamic Vinegar

What is Balsamic Vinegar?

Historically, vinegars have been used for thousands of years for their astringent and disinfectant properties, as well as being used as a flavouring and preservative in prepared food. Balsamic vinegar, however, has a wealth of benefits beyond those early uses of vinegar.

The name ‘balsamic’ is believed to originate from the Italian word for ‘balm,’ meaning an aromatic resin as well as a soothing and healing agent. It was used to treat everything from headaches to labour pains. Signature Oil and Vinegar, however, only claim that their balsamic vinegars are delicious drizzled on salads, fresh fruit, vegetables, pasta or bread and used as a marinade for poultry, fish and seafood. With balsamic vinegars, you get a flavour punch without the added calories of regular store-bought dressings and marinades.

Balsamic vinegars are considered part of a healthy Mediterranean diet because they contain antioxidants, as well as Iron, Potassium and Manganese and are low in calories and sugar. A single tablespoon serving has only about 5-to-15 calories, contains a negligible amount of fat, and less than three grams of carbohydrates. Researchers have also discovered that balsamic vinegars can help to reduce hardening of the arteries, aid the absorption of minerals for better bone health, improve insulin sensitivity, as well as stabilize blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

About Our Products

Signature’s line of white and dark balsamic vinegars imported from Modena, Italy are the highest quality, organic products available. Our natural, additive-free reductions are made from pressed grapes that are fermented in copper pots before they are boiled down and then stored in barrels for 12-to-18 years. The longer they are left to ferment, the more intense the flavour becomes and the thicker it gets.