“The North Island is renowned for having incredible food production, whether you wish seafood, meat or vegetables. The large selection of specialty seasonal oils and quality vinegars available from Lisa and Sigrid of Signature Oil and Vinegar enables me and my cooks to be more inspired and creative. It is amazing how a small ingredient can make such a big difference!”

Chef Ronald St. Pierre CCC
Locals Restaurant at the Old House

“My first visit last week, awesome products.”

Valerie G.

“Thanks for starting the new venture”


“Tried out the Tuscan Herb oil in a vinaigrette last night. Wow! What a difference!”


“Great store, great people, great product!”

Nicole G.

“Loving the Tuscan herb! We use in everything!”

Emma S.

“In the past, I traveled long distance for my balsamic and olive tasting experience and now I have the luxury of having it within blocks of our home! The olive oils are extremely flavourful and the white balsamic flavours, like orange-vanilla, taste really good in a sparkling water. Thank you for expanding your business and giving me so many ideas to jazzy up our dinners.”

Koreen G.

“I love the maple balsamic and the pomegranate balsamic. I use them on melted Brie cheese with pecans. Yummy!”

Tracey M-L

Proud to be awarded the 2015 “New Business of the Year” and finalist for 2016 “Business of the Year” by the Campbell River Chamber of Commerce